Small Business Website (Code: W-010265)

550.00 USD
  • Complete Cache System
  • Clone Templates
  • Export Templates
  • Import Templates
  • Edit Templates Files
  • Delete Templates
  • Live View
  • Backup Template Files
  • Restored template files

Small Business Website is a Creative Media system (CMS) that’s perfect for a professional or a beginner when it comes to designing large or small business/personal websites. Easy to use and makes designing a website a straightforward process without over complicating things The customer can decide how their site looks with a few clicks and a little copy and paste to add code elements to pages, creating multiple templates effortlessly designed and styled the way you want. All of this within a Lite package Fast, Reliable and Sophisticated the simplest, functional and efficient Design Script on the market today. In addition you can create your individual website with unlimited pages, site backups, menu designer and translate languages. many more features listed below

  • Bespoke Template Engine (Small amount of HTML, CSS knowledge required.)
  • Ultimate Template System (UTS)(Incorporating Everything Below)
    • Complete Cache System (Fast Cache System turn off or on)
    • Clone Templates (Clone any CmsLite Template, rename and redesign it)
    • Export Templates (Export a template as a single file)
    • Import Templates (Import, exported templates to different CmsLite sites)
    • Edit Templates Files (Edit any of your site template files)
    • Delete Templates (Delete templates folders from your site.)
    • Live View (Live view any installed template)
    • Backup Template Files (Back up individual template files before editing them)
    • Restored template files (Restored backed up template files)
  • Back up Features (Back up whole site including files, images and your database)
  • Dynamic Pages (Add, edit and delete page content)
  • Dynamic Menus (Add, edit and delete menus)
  • Sort Menus (Place menus in any order you wish)
  • Site Calendar (Add, edit and delete events)
  • Admin Notes (Set Notes for reminders)
  • Statistics (Information about your site)
  • File Manager (Two File Managers Cmslite and responsive take your pick on which one you prefer for allow you to keep all images, files and PDFs’ in one place)
  • Code Elements (Style your site with our Code Elements)
  • Responsive Layout (Works on mobiles, tablets and large PCs’)
  • WYSIWYG Editor (Add your own elements with our editor)
  • Language Controller (Add your own language, quickly translate phrases)
  • Multilingual (Only one language file per language)
  • Disable Site (Inform visitors when you are updating your site)
  • Dynamic Help (Help guides on all Admin Pages)
  • Hundreds of icons (Font awesome and Line Icons)
  • Bootstrap (Latest version of Twitters Bootstrap)
  • Loads more Features (Many More built in features within CmsLite)

Web Hosting Packages

Bronze Package Silver Package Gold Package Platinum Package
Disk Space 150 MB Disk Space 500 MB Disk Space 1000 MB Disk Space 2000 MB
Monthly Data Transfer 1,000 MB Monthly Data Transfer 2,000 MB Monthly Data Transfer 3,000 MB Monthly Data Transfer 5,000 MB
Subdomains 1 Subdomains 5 Subdomains 10 Subdomains Unlimted
Emails(POP3/IMAP) 1 Emails(POP3/IMAP) 10 Emails(POP3/IMAP) 25 Emails(POP3/IMAP) Unlimted
FTP Accounts 1 FTP Accounts 5 FTP Accounts 10 FTP Accounts Unlimted