Astrologer Website (Code: W-010268)

450.00 USD
  • Complex Charts: More Then Two (Up To 7) Planet Rings In One Chart Wheel
  • Astrological Tables: Lunar Days (And Moon Rises And Sets, New Moons, Full Moons)
  • Complete Calculation Of The Orbits Of Planets
  • Horizontal And Equatorial Coordinate Systems
  • Local Space Projection - Lines Of Geographical Azimuthal Direction To Planets
  • License File For One Domain

To help professionals who are engaged in astrological business to explore their services globally online we have developed highly advanced & up-to-the minute astrology website builder. This particular php based product is urbanized with 100% source codes and license file for each domain. This will allow a buyer to design & develop his own astrology website with zero programming knowledge at a budget friendly price.

The online astrology php script is developed specially to help astrologers create an eye-catching business website that can create first impression of their business and capture the user’s attention instantly. Therefore, web based professional astrology software will allow a buyer to help his potential customer intrigued with the information they need and get satisfied with navigating the content of the website with ease.

Web Hosting Packages

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Monthly Data Transfer 1,000 MB Monthly Data Transfer 2,000 MB Monthly Data Transfer 3,000 MB Monthly Data Transfer 5,000 MB
Subdomains 1 Subdomains 5 Subdomains 10 Subdomains Unlimted
Emails(POP3/IMAP) 1 Emails(POP3/IMAP) 10 Emails(POP3/IMAP) 25 Emails(POP3/IMAP) Unlimted
FTP Accounts 1 FTP Accounts 5 FTP Accounts 10 FTP Accounts Unlimted